International Freshmen Registration Procedures

第一步  来华留学(招生)办公室(101)报到

Step 1  Registration in Admission Office, Room 101

所需材料Documents Required

1. 护照原件Original passport

2. 签证申请表原件和复印件Original and photocopy of JW201/202 Form

3. 录取通知书原件和复印件 Original and photocopy of Admission letter

4. 学历证书和成绩单原件 Original diploma and transcript


第二步  财务办公室(102)缴学费(中国政府全额奖学金生无需此步骤)

Step 2  Pay tuition fee in Financial Office, Room 102 (CSC students skip this step)


第三步  来华留学(学生事务)办公室(111)交保险费

Step 3  Pay insurance in Student Affairs Office, Room 111

所需材料Documents Required

1. 录取通知书Admission letter  2. 护照Passport


第四步  教学办公室(104)注册学籍

Step 4  Registration of student status in Teaching Office, Room 104

所需材料Documents Required

1. 录取通知书Admission letter

2. 一张蓝底1寸照片A one-inch photo with a blue background


第五步  住宿办公室办理住宿手续

Step 5  Go through the formalities of accommodation in Housing Office

所需材料Documents Required

录取通知书Admission letter  

 1. 选房间 Choose the room in Housing Office

 2. 财务办公室(102)缴住宿费(中国政府全额奖学金生无需此步骤)

  Pay accommodation fee in Financial OfficeRoom 102(CSC students skip this step)

 3.领取住宿登记表Get Registration Form of Residence  


*住校外的学生请到来华留学(学生事务)办公室(111)领取校外住宿登记表,然后到当地派出所领取临时住宿登记表The students who live outside the campus shall get a form in Student Affairs Office, Room 111 and then get registration form of residence in the local police station.


  第六步  来华留学(学生事务)办公室(111)办理居留许可手续

Step 6  Go through the formalities of residence permit in Student Affairs OfficeRoom 111

所需材料Documents Required

1. 录取通知书;Admission Letter

2. 签证申请表原件和复印件Original and photocopy of JW201/202 Form

3. 护照原件和复印件(照片及护照有效期页复印件、签证及出入境日期页复印件,每页复印两份);Original and photocopy of passport (Photo and passport validity page copy, visa and entry and exit date page copy, two copies of each page)

4. 入境人员临时住宿登记表Registration Form of Residence

5. 体检证明Medical Report Issued by Hubei International Travel Hygiene Center


The students who possess X2 Visa do not need to prepare the above materials for residence permit, but still need to come to 111 Students Affairs Office for registering your information.


体检地址Address for Physical Examination

湖北国际旅行卫生保健中心 Hubei International Travel Health Care Center

详细地址Detailed Address武汉海关综合实验楼附楼(武汉市东湖高新技术开发区高新大道430号,光谷一路与雄楚大街高架桥交叉口西南150米,华新集团大厦隔壁)






The Address of Applying for Residence Permit: 
No.117, Jinqiao Street, Jiangan district, Wuhan City. (Citizen’s home)



Online payment for insurance (800RMB for one year)


电话 :0086-27-6875 3912
传真 :0086-27-8786 3154
邮箱 :admissions@whu.edu.cn