Thinking about an exchange?

If you want to study at Wuhan University as an exchange student for one or two semesters, you must be enrolled at one of our partner universities, which have signed formal student exchange agreements with us. Please consult the international office of your university to find out if there is such an agreement.

Applicants must have a good academic record, display a suitable level of competence in English or Chinese and be officially nominated by their home universities.

What can I study?

Major Selection

You can choose your major while filling the Application Form. More information can be found at (外链网址:专业设置

Please note: all the IMBA courses are arranged during weekends.

If you change your major after arrival, we need proof from the exchange institution (or email from your home university). We do not accept the changing of majors privately.

Course Selection

·Courses in English: undergraduate level,postgraudate level(设置外链)

Currently, over 150 of our courses can be taught in English. At the undergraduate level, four subject areas offer English-taught courses. More choices are available at the postgraduate level. 

·Courses in Chinese:undergraduate level, postgraudate level(设置外链)

·Chinese language courses

Incoming exchange students are not restricted to courses only in their major and can select courses in two subject areas(including Chinese Language Courses). However, courses are taught only once a year, either in the spring semester or in the autumn semester.

Course availability and details are subject to change due to circumstances. Please consult each school for the most current course arrangement after your arrival.

Course Load

Maximum 30 credits per semester, while the minimum credit limit is up to the regulations of your home university.

Language Proficiency

It is recommended that students registering for Chinese-taught courses have passed HSK5 or above. Students with lower Chinese competence can choose English-taught courses or Chinese language courses.

Grading System

A course’s full mark is 100 and most courses are graded in percentage. The conversion between percentage grades and grade points are as follows:

GradeGrade Point
Below 600

Credit Transfer

Generally, in Wuhan University one credit consists of 18 class hours, assignments and a final exam. Any academic credit received in Wuhan University may be transferred to your home university in accordance with the regulations of your home university.


Students can request your official final transcript in the Teaching Affairs Office of SIE once you finish all exams. Results are usually ready in about a week after the exam. In the event that results are not available before your departure, you can authorize a third-party to collect your transcript (recommended) or choose to mail the transcript to a home address (postage payment involved).  

How can I apply for an exchange?

Step 1. Speak to your home university's exchange coordinator

Contact the coordinator for exchange programs at your home university and find out the steps you need to follow in order to be nominated for exchange to Wuhan University.

Step 2. Submit your application to Wuhan University 

Your coordinator should send a recommendation list to the program manager Ms.Liu Xiaojing at Exchange Division(exchange@whu.edu.cn).Please kindly note that late applications will not be considered and no hard copy is required.

Step 3:Finish your online application

Complete online application and upload application documents at http://fses-admin.whu.edu.cn/member/login.do

Application materials

(1) Application form (generated from online application at http://fses-admin.whu.edu.cn/member/login.do)

(2) Photocopy of applicant’s passport

(3) Academic transcripts

(4) Enrollment certificate(Mainly to prove a student's professional background and level)

(5) Study plan (for master’s degree students)

(6) Language proficiency:

Please note:

Chinese language courses: no need to prove

English-taught programs: non-English speaking countries need to provide a proof of English proficiency (minimum request for IELTS is 6.5 or equivalent); English speaking countries do not need to provide proof of English language proficiency.

Chinese-taught programs: HSK5 certificate

Application Deadlines

Fall/Winter term: June 1st

Spring/Summer term: November 30th of the previous year

Step 4. Wait for confirmation

After receiving your completed online application, another unit – the School of International Education(Admission officer:Ms.Feng,Email:enrollment@whu.edu.cn)will evaluate your documents and decide if you can be admitted.

Other Information

When you receive the admission package, please start to apply for a Chinese visa and read the Registration Guide for further instructions. We would like to highlight the following information:

Visa Requirements

The applicants should submit the visa application package to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate General to apply for a visa.

Within 180 days: X2 visa (would NOT be converted into other visas after registering in WHU)

Over 180 days: X1 visa (would be converted into a residence permit after registering in WHU)

Accommodation and Expenses

On-Campus Accommodation

Single rooms, 1400-1800 RMB per month

We do not provide online or mail booking of dormitories, but the single rooms are reserved in advance for all exchange students.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Students looking for off-campus accommodation, please inform the School of International Education in advance.

Accommodation over vacations

There is no reservation for on-campus accommodation, as all the rooms are still available during semester breaks.


Tuition fees are to be paid by exchange students to home university only. However, you should cover your own expenses as follows: travel, accommodation, food, books and teaching materials, insurance and other associated costs.

Some students will be exempted from paying other fees or obtain government funding duo to exchange agreements.

Arrival and Departure

Airport Pick-up

Please fill out the Application Form for Pick-up Service(设置下载链接) and e-mail it to Ms. Fengi,Email : enrollment@whu.edu.cn atleastoneweekbeforeyourarrival.

Please note: airport pick-up service is ONLY available in regeneration week.


International students can arrive at the campus by bus, metro or taxi.


After the exchange student’s arrival, they will be required to register and pay the accommodation fees in the School of International Education.

Please note: Students must enroll on time. If you cannot arrive on time due to any special reason, please apply for deferred registration (within 7 days) with the signature of your home institution’s coordinator at the admissions office in the School of International Education. We do NOT accept deferred registration beyond 7 days.


Orientation will be held for all new international students within one month after the semester begins. Orientation activities are designed to help newcomers adapt to new campus life, offering useful tips and advice on all aspects of student life (choosing courses, etc.).


All exchange students are required to complete a leaving-school procedure before their departure. The Departure Form is available upon request at the Teaching Affairs Office of SIE.


After arrival, you will be required to register for Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China. The cost is 300 RMB per semester, 600 RMB per year:

You can buy the insurance when registering.http://www.lxbx.net/lxbx-eng.html


Coordination and Partnership in general:

Ms. LIU, Xiaojing --- Inbound Students

Tel: +86-27-68770701

Fax: +86-27-87874669

E-mail: exchange@whu.edu.cn

Student Application and Admission:

Ms. Feng --- Admission Office

Tel: +86-27-68753912

Fax: +86-27-87863154

E-mail: enrollment@whu.edu.cn

Student Services:

Ms. LIU, Yebing --- Student Administration Office

Tel: +86-27-68752590

Fax: +86-27-87863154

E-mail: tianyi_1117@163.com

Course Selection and Transcript:

Ms. WU, Yulan --- Teaching Affairs Office

Tel: +86-27-68752041

E-mail: wuyulan@whu.edu.cn

Course information
开课院系 序号 课程名称(中文) 课程名称(英文) 课程代码 开课学期 学时/学分 开课对象
经济管理学院 14 微积分 Calculus 0700012 1 72/4 UG
经济管理学院 15 线性代数与概率论 Linear Algebra and Probability 2 54/3 UG
经济管理学院 13 人力资源管理 Human Resources Management 0200162 2 72/4 UG
经济管理学院 5 会计学基础 Introduction to Accounting 2 3 UG
经济管理学院 6 国际财务管理 International Financial Management 2 54/4 UG
经济管理学院 7 管理信息系统 Management Information Systems 1 54/3 UG
经济管理学院 8 金融学 Introduction to Finance 1 54/4 UG
经济管理学院 9 统计学 Statistics 2 54/3 UG
经济管理学院 10 公司金融 Corporate Finance 1 54/4 UG
经济管理学院 11 金融市场学 Money and Capital Market 0200092 2 54/3 UG
经济管理学院 12 国际经济学 International Economics 54/3 UG
经济管理学院 1 国际市场营销 International Marketing 0200080 1,2 3 UG
经济管理学院 2 市场营销调研 Marketing Research 0200571 1,2 1 UG
经济管理学院 3 宏观经济学 Macroeconomics 2 54/3 UG
经济管理学院 4 计量经济学 Econometrics 1 54/3 UG
第一临床学院 1 内科学I Internal Medicine I 1000397 1 84/4.5 UG
第一临床学院 2 内科学II Internal Medicine II 1000398 2 84/4.5 UG
第一临床学院 3 神经病学 Neurology 1000053 2 36/2 UG
第一临床学院 4 传染病学 Infectious Diseases 1000006 2 36/2 UG
第一临床学院 5 妇产科学 Obstetrics & Gynecology 1000018 1 84/4.5 UG
第一临床学院 6 耳鼻喉科学 Otorhinolaryngology 1000010 1 36/2 UG
第一临床学院 7 眼科学 Ophthalmology 1000089 1 36/2 UG
第一临床学院 8 精神病学 Psychiatry 1000027 1 36/2 UG
第二临床医学院 17 肿瘤学 Oncology 1000113 2 32/2 UG
第二临床医学院 18 康复医学 Rehabilitation Medicine 16040122 1 32/2 UG
第二临床医学院 14 急救医学 Emergency Medicine 1000252 1 36/2 UG
第二临床医学院 15 麻醉学 Anesthesiology 1000391 1 36/2 UG
第二临床医学院 16 皮肤性病学 Dermatology & Venereology 1000048 1 36/2 UG
第二临床医学院 9 外科学I Surgery I 1000399 1 84/4.5 UG
第二临床医学院 10 外科学II Surgery II 1000400 2 66/3.5 UG
第二临床医学院 11 医学影像学 Medical Imaging 1000106 1 72/3 UG
第二临床医学院 12 诊断学 Diagnostics 1000109 2 86/6 UG
第二临床医学院 13 儿科学 Pediatrics 1000009 2 84/4.5 UG
口腔医学院 19 口腔医学 Stomatology 2 32/2 UG
健康学院 20 社会医学 Community Medicine 1000183 1 36/2 UG
健康学院 21 流行病学 Epidemiology 1000043 2 36/2 UG
国际软件学院 1 Windows应用程序开发技术 Windows Programming 0801802 1 54/3 UG
国际软件学院 2 数据库系统 Database System 0800025 1 72/4 UG
国际软件学院 3 操作系统原理 Operating System Principles 0800501 2 54/3 UG
国际软件学院 4 计算机系统导论 Introduction to Computer Systems 0800028 1 54/3 UG
国际软件学院 5 计算机网络 Computer networks 0800074 2 54/3 UG
国际软件学院 6 XML及其应用 XML and its Applications 0800555 1 54/3 UG
国际软件学院 7 人工智能 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 0801131 1 54/3 UG
国际软件学院 8 信息与网络安全 Introduction to Information Security 0802312 2 54/3 UG
基础医学院 1 细胞生物学 Cell Biology 0700159 2 45/2 UG
基础医学院 2 医学遗传学 Medical Genetics 1000102 2 30/1.5 UG
基础医学院 3 组织学与胚胎学 Histology and Embryology 1000360/1000361 1,2 60/2.5;35/1.5 UG
基础医学院 4 系统解剖学 Systematic Anatomy 1000358/1000359 1,2 96/4;128/5.5 UG
基础医学院 5 生物化学 Biochemistry 1000364 1 96/5.5 UG
基础医学院 6 生理学 Physiology 1000362/1000363 1,2 80/4;128/6 UG
基础医学院 7 生物化学实验 Experimental Biochemistry 1000365 2 48/1.5 UG
基础医学院 8 免疫学 Immunology 1000146 2 50/2.5 UG
基础医学院 9 局部解剖学 Regional Anatomy 1000217 2 128/5.5 UG
基础医学院 10 病理生理学 Pathophysiology 1000001 1 54/2.5 UG
基础医学院 11 病原生物学 Medical Microbiology 1000120 1 96/4.5 UG
基础医学院 12 病理学 Pathology 1000352/1000353 1,2 112/5;128/6 UG
基础医学院 13 药理学 Pharmacology 1000350/1000351 1,2 128/7;128/4.5 UG
基础医学院 14 法医学 Forensic Medicine 1000012 2 32/2 UG
基础医学院 1 临床药理学 Clinical Pharmacology 201400182 1 36/2 PG
基础医学院 2 高级生化研究技术I—蛋白质研究 Advanced Techniques of Biochemistry for Protein Study 20301008 1 36/2 PG
基础医学院 3 临床研究设计 Clinical Research Design 201400858 1 54/3 PG
基础医学院 4 循证医学 Evidence-based Medicine 201400292 1 36/2 PG
第二临床学院 5 急诊医学 Emergency medicine 201400737 1 54/2 PG
药学院 6 高等有机化学 Advanced Organic Chemistry 201401815 1 36/2 PG
法学院 1 国际环境法 International Environmental Law 201401903 1 36/2 PG
法学院 2 国际条约法专题 Seminar on International Law of Treaties 201406667 2 36/2
法学院 3 法学论文写作 Legal Research and Dissertation Writing 201500186 2 36/2 PG
法学院 4 国际知识产权法 International Intellectual Property Law 201401922 2 36/2 PG
法学院 5 国际贸易法 International Trade Law 201406666 2 36/2 PG
法学院 6 国际民事诉讼与商事仲裁 International Civil Procedure and Arbitration 201406668 1 36/2 PG
政治与公共管理学院 1 经济外交 economic statecraft 1 36/2 PG
政治与公共管理学院 2 国际关系专题 Topics of International Relations 1 54/3 PG
政治与公共管理学院 3 中国政治与外交 The Demostic Politics and Foreign Policy of China 2 36/2
政治与公共管理学院 4 全球化议题分析 The world of Globalization 2 36/2 PG
政治与公共管理学院 5 国际法 International Law 1 36/2 PG
政治与公共管理学院 6 国际关系研究方法 Methodology research in International relations 2 54/3 PG
政治与公共管理学院 7 亚太合作研究 Study of Asia-Pacific Cooperation 2 36/2 PG
政治与公共管理学院 8 美国政治与对外政策 American Politics and Foreign Policy 1 36/2 PG
政治与公共管理学院 9 国际危机及管控 International Crisis and Controls 2 36/2 PG

*Semester 1 is Fall semester from September to January and semester 2 is Spring semester from February to July.

Please refer to adacemic calendar for exact dates.

*Updated in 2017.


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