Notice on Evaluation Work of Chinese Government Scholarship –CUP and BRP of Wuhan University 2018

Notice on Evaluation Work of Chinese Government Scholarship –Chinese University Program (CUP) and Belt & Road Program (BRP) of Wuhan University (year 2018)


To all applicants of Chinese Government Scholarship (CUP and BRP),

According to the arrangement of CSC scholarship programs of Wuhan University(year 2018), the evaluation work is almost finished with the support of related schools and offices of Wuhan University. All applicants can find your application results in the online application system at


The application status will be in the following ways:

A.   "In process”, “Rejected”, "Academic Review" or "Final Result Unreleased" means that the applicant did not pass the final review of Wuhan University. These applicants are advised to apply for other Chinese government scholarship programs through Chinese Embassies in your home country, or study in Wuhan University at your own expenses.

B.  "Have entered school" means that you are in our pre-admission list, and your application document has been submitted to CSC for further evaluation. After receiving the list of final winners of scholarship from CSC, we will deliver the official admission documents to you around the middle of July 2018.



Admission Office

School of International Education

June 25, 2018

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