Wuhan University Provisional Regulations on Tuition Fees of Self-financed International Students

 According to regulations of university financial management and student status management, only those who pay full amount tuition fees and complete registration on prescribed time can be deemed as Wuhan University International students and be allowed to study. Self-financed International students shall pay tuition fees according to regulations as follows:

1.      International students shall pay their tuition fees and complete registration within the prescribed registration period. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.

2.      Degree seeking students shall pay tuition fees annually while non-degree seeking students shall pay based on the study length.

3.      International students cannot register until paying tuition fees in full amount. Any proposal relating to deferred payment or discount will be rejected.

4.      This regulation will be effective on September 1st, 2016 and Notice of Penalty Fee for Overdue Payment will be abolished at the same time.

5.      School of International Education has the final right of explanations on the regulations.


School of International Education

October 10, 2015

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