Evaluation Results of 2012 Year’s Wuhan University China Government Scholarship

According to “Annual Evaluation of China Government Scholarship Regulation”, our school made a general evaluation on China Scholarship Candidates on April to June in 2012, with approval of CSC, now we announced results as below

SALUSALU,LEBA ULITA from Fiji, regain full China Government Scholarship qualification 

KASSA KASSA,TERANCE from Gabon, and CARLOS MATEUS VERA CRUZ TAVARES DE AMARANTE from Guinea-Bissau, no longer having China Government Scholarship qualification from Set. 2012 to Aug. 2013

PINHEIRO,LAURA from France, have been cancelled China Government Scholarship qualification since Set. 2012.

The following students passed the China Government Scholarship evaluation and were qualified, please contact with Teacher Wu at teaching management office to deal with the matters concerned 

  1. Undergraduate chool of Law ZORIGT,MISHEEL S, No.2011326660043
  2. Undergraduates of school of medicine CLAISE DOREL NSONDI, No. 2009326660037, REGIS ERNEST MENDAME EHYA, No. 2009326660096, MOCTAR SIBIAKOU IRO, No. 2010326660248; EPFIRA EBY MBAMPE NGOYON, No. 2010326660156 
  3. Undergraduate of school of computer science SEIF SHIMBI,SAID, No. 2011326660049;
  4. Undergraduate of school of economics & management, BITOME BI SOLE-EMANE ROLAND DAVY, No. 2009326660053; MAHAMAN SALISSOU GAYA MAHAMAN LAOUAN, No. 2009326660090
  5. Undergraduate of school of pharmacy, BONGOLO CHRISTIAN CEDRIC , No. 009326660021
  6. JONES KEIRAN No.2011906119051

College of International Education of Wuhan University

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