Chengzhang Li

Personal Information

Name Chengzhang Li
School or College School of Stomatology
Position TitleProfessor
Office AddressNo.237 Luo Yu Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan

Research Interest

·Host factor of periodontitis

·Periodontal tissues Regeneration

·Occlusion and periodontitis


·1978-1983  Hubei Medical College     DDS

·1985-1988  Hubei Medical College     MS  

·1992-1995  Hubei Medical University   PhD

Oversea Study and Visit

·1998 Communicated and studied in Unilever Co., United Kingdom

Honours and Awards

· Inaugural medical innovation study of oral Award. CSA

· Science and Technology Award2.CSA

· Science and Technology Progress Award2. Hubei Provincia

· Teaching Achievement Award 1. Hubei Provincial


corresponding author

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