Wu, Dan

Personal Information

Name Wu, Dan
School or College School of Information Management
Position TitleAssociate Professor
Office AddressRoom609, School of Information Management, Wuhan University

Research Interest

·Information Retrieval

·User Study

·Multilingual Information Processing

·Information Organization


·Dan Wu, Female, Ph.D., associate professor, advisor of masters, associate chair of Library Science Department. She graduated from Peking University with Doctoral degree in Information Science in 2008. She got the honor of “National Youth Top-notch Talent of China” in 2011, and “Luo Jia Youth Scholar of Wuhan University” in 2010. She has published over 70 journal and conference papers and two books as first author or corresponding author. She was the PI of over 10 research projects. She has attended many international academic conferences such as SIGIR, CIKM, iConference, etc in the US, Germany, Singapore and so on, and gave speech in those conferences. She is the reviewer of many international journals and conferences.

Oversea Study and Visit

·She was the visiting scholar of School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh from 2006 to 2007.

Honours and Awards

·[1] Honorable Mentions Paper Award of iConference2013

·[2] National Youth Top-notch Talent of China

·[3] Luo Jia Youth Scholar of Wuhan University

·[4] The third class of Higher Education Teaching Research Award of Hubei Province in 2012

·[5] The first class of Teaching Research Paper Award of Wuhan University in 2012

·[6] The second class of Teaching Research Paper Award of Wuhan University in 2011

·[7] Advisor of Best Undergraduate Thesis of Hubei Province in 2011 and 2014

·[8] The third class of Teaching Competition of Wuhan University in 2010

·[9] Excellent Paper Award of IEEE International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Engineering 2008



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