Shengli Deng

Personal Information

Name Shengli Deng
School or College School of Information Management
Position TitleAssociate Professor
Office Address509 School of Information Management Building

Research Interest

·User information behavior

·Social networks

·digital information resource management

·Information service


·09/2004 - 07/2007  Ph.D. Information Science  Wuhan University, China

·09/2001 - 07/2004  Master of Management in Information Science,                            Department of Information Management,   

                     Central China Normal University, China

·09/1997 - 07/2001  Bachelor of Management, Department of Information                      Management, Central China     

                     Normal  University, China

Oversea Study and Visit

·01/2013-01/2014  Visiting scholar in Kent State University, USA

Honours and Awards

·2010:“Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award”, 2-nd class Award

·2010: Hubei social science excellent achievement prize, 2-nd class Award

·2010: Hubei social science excellent achievement prize, 3-rd class Award

·2007: Wei Dihua Scholarship

·2006: Baosteel Scholarship




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