Zheman Xiao

Personal Information

Name Zheman Xiao
School or College School of Medicine
Position TitleAssociated professor/ Associated chief physician
Office Address

Research Interest

·Clinical and basic research of migraine

·Mechanism of epilepsy


·1996.9-2001.6 Clinical medicine,School of medicine, Wuhan university, bachelor.

·2001.9-2006.6 Internal Medicine,renmin hospital of Wuhan university, MD.

Oversea Study and Visit

·2008.10-2008.11  Epilepsy center, Molinette hospital, Italy, visiting scholar

·2009.10-2012.12  Washington university in St. Louis,USA, postdoctor.

Honours and Awards

·principal investigator of 2 national natural science fund projects, 1 project of Chinese ministry of education, 2 natural science fund project of Hubei province, 2 projects of Wuhan university.

·Vice chief editor of Clinical symptomatology of neurological disorders 


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