Shanping Mao

Personal Information

Name Shanping Mao
School or College School of Medicine
Position TitleAssociate professor, Professor of Medicine
Office AddressDepartment of neurology, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan university

Research Interest

·Cognitive Neuropsychology




·1979.09-1984.07 medicine college of Wuhan University, clinical medicine

·1984.09-1987.07, majoring in neurology of the first clinical institute of Wuhan University for a master's degree
·2002.09 -2006.05 majoring in internal medicine of the first clinical institute of Wuhan University, for a Doctor 's degree

·1988.05-1988.12 neurology department of the first hospital of Beijing University, studying neural psychology
·1993.10 -1993.11 take part in the national aphasia, diagnosis and rehabilitation training classes
·1999.05-1999.06 training in national mental health knowledge classes

Oversea Study and Visit

·take part in the neurological rehabilitation academic meeting for short-term classes in May 2012 . Melbourne. Australia,

Honours and Awards

·the third prize of young and middle-aged excellent paper of national health and family planning commission

·the second prize of scientific and technological progress of national health and family planning commission second prize

·the technology progress award of Wuhan city


·1.Huimin Dong, ShanpingMao *et al. Tanshinone IIA protects PC12 cells from β-amyloid25–35-induced apoptosis via PI3K/Akt signaling pathway. Molecular Biology reports.2012

·2.Yanmingmin,Mao Shanping *et al. Schisandrin B Protects PC12  Cells Via inhibition of APP and VPS35. Neural Regeneration Research. 2012,3

·3.Mao Shanping *, et al.Research on a processing method for standardizing brain MR image.SPIE sixth international symposium on multispectral image processing and pattern recognition.,2009,Yichang,China.

·4.He Dayan,Mao Shanping *. The mechanism of comprehension and production impairment of yes/no questions and wh-questions in agrammatic aphasia. Progress in Natural Science 2007,17:213-214.

·5.Shanping Mao, et al.  PREG Inhibited Ab1-42  Expression and Reduced Cognitive Impairment in Chronic Cerebral Hypoperfusion Rats.  Brain Research,2012(contribute)