Zhengguo Cao

Personal Information

Name Zhengguo Cao
School or College School of Stomatology
Position TitleProfessor
Office Address237 LuoYu Road, Wuhan, 430079

Research Interest

·1. Pathogenic mechanism and Host factor in Periodontology by Animal model Study of experimental Periodontitis in vivo and in vitro

·2. Development biology of Bone and Tooth by Transgenic animal generation in vivo and in vitro



School of Stomatology, Wuhan University, CHINA     DDS     Dentistry


School of Stomatology, Wuhan University, CHINA     M.S      Periodontology


School of Stomatology, Wuhan University, CHINA     Ph.D     Periodontology


Baylor College of Dentistry, Texas A&M University, USA Postdoc  Development Biology

Oversea Study and Visit

2008.4-2010.10: Baylor College of Dentistry, Texas A&M University, USA Postdoc  

2013.10-25-30: Clinical dental office of Dr Kwan, San Francisco, USA, Microsurgery training

2014-9-20: 4th ESMD, workshop on microsurgery of periodontology, DR. Carlo Ghezzi·

Honours and Awards

2013-          Chutian young scholar of Hubei Province

2014--         Luojia distinguished professor Wuhan university


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