Rong Xie

Personal Information

Name Rong Xie
School or College International Software School
Position TitleProfessor
Office AddressRM A2318, Admin Bldg B, ISS

Research Interest

·Spatio-Temporal Data Mining

·Mobile Multimedia

·Artificial Intelligence



·2003, PhD, University of Tokyo, Japan

·1994, Master of Eng., Wuhan Transpotation University of Science and Technology

·1989, Bachelor of Sci., Wuhan University

Oversea Study and Visit

·2007-2008, Application Specialist in PP&M Department of Japan Intergraph

·2003-2007, Researcher in Center for Spatial Information Science, University of Tokyo, Japan

·Jan.-Feb., 1996, To learn development technologies of Total Station software packages in Nikon Corp., Japan

Honours and Awards

·ADB/Japan Scholarship (2000-2003)

·Outstanding Teaching Award (2000)

·Senhong Teacher Award (2000)

·Zhonghan Young Teacher Award (1999)

·Teaching Excellence Award (1999, 1998)

·Science and Technology Progress Award, Guangdong Province (1993)


·Rong Xie, Ryosuke Shibasaki. Metadata development for the integration of CEOP satellite-observation data. Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan, 85A, 2007: 487-517.

· Rong Xie, Ryosuke Shibasaki. Imagery metadata development based on ISO/TC 211 standards. CODATA Data Science Journal. 6(3), 2007: 28-45.

· Rong Xie, Ryosuke Shibasaki. A unified spatiotemporal schema for representing and querying moving features. ACM SIGMOD Record, 34(1), 2005: 45-50.

· Rong Xie, Ryosuke Shibasaki. Distributed data management for moving objects. M. H. Hamza (eds.). IASTED/ACTA Press 2003: 839-844.