Bo Han

Personal Information

Name Bo Han
School or College International Software School
Position TitleAssociate Professor
Office AddressBuilding A-2324

Research Interest

·Big Data, Data Mining, Text Mining

·Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Discovery

·Natural Language Processing

·Spatio-temporal Data Analysis and Its Applications


Tulane University, Postdoc, New Orleans, USA, 2009

Temple University, Ph.D Student, Philadelphia, USA, 2002-2007

Wuhan University, Master Student, Wuhan, China, 1993-1996

Wuhan University of Technology, Bachelor Student, Wuhan, China, 1989-1993

Oversea Study and Visit

Tulane University, Postdoc, New Orleans, USA, 2009

Manhattan Associates, Senior Computer Scientist, Atlanta, USA, 2008

Temple University, Ph.D Student, Philadelphia, USA, 2002-2007

University of Southern California, Visiting Scholar, Los Angeles, USA, 2002

Honours and Awards

At Wuhan University in 2010, he received the excellence award for guiding student study and innovation.


1. Han,Bo, Yang, Zhenyu, Data Matrix Compression by Using Co-clustering, Proc. 2011 8thInt. Conf. on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, FSKD 2011, v.4, 2600-2604.

2. Yi, Jin, Wu, Runpu, Li, Juan, Xiong, Qi, Yu, Fajiang, Peng, Tao, Yang, Zhenyu, Han, Bo*, Similar Vulnerability Query Based on Text Mining, Proc. 2011 11th Int. Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies, ISCIT 2011, 339-342.

3. Vucetic, Slobodan, Han, Bo, Mi, Wen, Li, Zhanquing, Obradovic, Zoran, A Data Mining Approach for the Validation of Aerosol Retrievals, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. 2008, 5(1): 113-117.  (SCI)

4. Han, Bo, Obradovic, Zoran., Hu, ZhangZhi., Wu, Cathy H., Vucetic, Slobodan, Substring Selection for Biomedical Document Classification, Bioinformatics. 2006, 22(17):2136-2142. (SCI)

5. Han, Bo, Vucetic, Slobodan, Braverman, Amy, Obradovic, Zoran, A Statistical Complement to Deterministic Algorithms for the Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Thickness from Radiance Data, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 2006, 19( 7): 787-795. (SCI)·