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A Palace of Academic and Scientific Research

Wuhan University, with its scientific potential and achievements, is constantly strengthening its scientific research innovation capability. Scientific Research Funds of Natural Science and Social Sciences have increased steadily. Major breakthroughs have been made in research laboratories and bases. A number of research results have been put into practice such as Hybrid rice HL-type, Mobile Mapping System based on 3S (RS, GPS, GIS) Integration Technology, etc. making immense contribution to the social progress and economy construction. With fine academic tradition and learning environment, Wuhan University has enjoyed a reputation of “Renowned Institute of Academic Research”

Key Research Centers

  • 2 State-level Research Centers in Engineering
  • National Engineering Research Center on Multimedia Software
  • National Engineering Research Center on Global Positioning System

 Key State-Level Laboratories

  • State Key Lab of Information Engineering in Surveying and Mapping and Remote Sensing
  • State Key Lab of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science
  • State Key Lab of Virology (joint)
  • State Key Lab of Hybrid Rice (joint)

Key Research Bases of Humanities and Social Sciences under the Ministry of Education

  • The Institute of Environmental Law
  • The Institute of International Law
  • The Research Center for Social Security Research
  • The Research Center for Information Resources
  • The Research Center for Economics Development
  • The Research Center for Traditional Chinese Culture
  • The Media Development Research Center