International Law (LLM)

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Key information

DegreeMaster's Degree
SubjectLaw & Philosophy
Teaching languageEnglish
Start dateSeptember 4, 2018
Duration2 Year
Tuition feeRMB23000/Y
Application feeRMB 800 (USD 140)





Why competitive

This graduate program is set for international students in China, using English as the class language, teaching international law mainly and also Chinese. Its purpose is to foster high-level and interdisciplinary legal talents who have a global outlook, master two or more languages and fundamental theories and knowledge in all fields of international law and understand Chinese culture.

Learning methods and study period

It’s usually two-year’s full-time learning. But if students get the required credits and pass the dissertation defense, applying for early graduation is permitted.

Training methods

1)  Course instruction is the main method, and international law courses will adopt lectures, workshops and other methods, emphasize on case teaching and encourage students to actively participate in classroom teaching. Chinese courses adopt small-class-based lecture model, focus on improving the students’ ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing and emphasize on interaction between teaching and learning.

(2) Adopt credit system and total credits should not be less than 24 points.

(3) Mentors are mainly composed by professors and associate professors from Institute of International Law of Wuhan University who have background of studying abroad and excellent English skills and have the qualification to guide graduates.

(4) Promote students’ global outlook and their ability of independent study. Employ experts at home and abroad who have a high academic reputation to give lectures.

(5) Assessment methods of compulsory courses include examination and appraisal. Appraisal is aimed to supervise and urge students to participate in course learning actively and focuses on testing students’ ability and method of using their existing theory and background knowledge to analyze, judge and resolve practical problems, and its forms may be versatile. Examination can adopt book-close examination and thesis or other forms, testing students’ abilities to understand and use their learned theoretical knowledge systematically and their abilities to conduct independent research. Both methods are chosen by teachers.

Professional ethics and professional ability

This degree is set for international students. Its professional ethics are mainly embodied in the introduction and propaganda of China’s law and social system, and make students have a better understanding of Chinese language and culture and become a messenger of Chinese culture in their professional careers. Professional skills and abilities are mainly embodied in legal professional way of thought and ability and ability to conduct independent legal study.

Degree thesis and degree awarded

Topics of degree thesis should locate in frontier issues with great theoretical and practical significance in the field of international law, or carry on comparative study of their own country’s or China’s legal system, which focus on reflecting students’ ability to analyze complicated legal problems in international community with integrated use of theory and knowledge. Mentor groups determine a specific mentor to guide students according to his or her topic.

Degree thesis should be reviewed by three experts with senior professional titles of associate professor or above.

Students whose degree exams and elective exams are all qualified and passed the dissertation defense can be granted master’s degree of law.

Entry requirements

Application Requirement:
  1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, under the age of 40,have attained a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Master firm basic theory of international law and extensive subject knowledge, have knowledge structure and practical ability required by legal practice.
  3. Master Chinese and use Chinese skillfully in normal communication.
  4. Have deep knowledge and understanding of China’s law and its social basic system, and become a propagandist of Chinese culture and laws.
  5. Have the ability to comprehensively use knowledge in each department law and other relevant subjects such as politics, economy, sociology, foreign language and computer technology. Have preliminary ability of academic study and ability to independently analyze and solve legal issues.
  6. Physical and mental health.

Application documents:

  1. Wuhan University Application Form for Foreign Students with a photograph fixed
  2. Diploma and degree certificate( notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)
  3. Related transcripts( notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)
  4. Two recommendation letters from professor or associate professor, in Chinese or English
  5. English proficiency test result for non-English speakers
  6. One photocopy of your valid passport
  7. Study plan

1) All required documents must be in Chinese or English;

2) The applications documents and related documents will not be returned.

Registration Period: Sept.2-6,2013

Career prospects

Cultivation Objects

Have a non-Chinese nationality, abide by the law of the People's Republic of China, and support the political position that "there is but one China and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China". Bachelor degree or above in his own country recognized by the People's Republic of China is required, and students who are bachelor of law graduates will have priority of admission. Provide certificate of language proficiency if your mother tongue is not English.

How to apply

Step 1 Submit Application Documents Complete the online application and upload all application documents.
Step 2 Qualification Verification It takes 2 days for Qualification Verification for language students, 3 work days for undergraduate program students and 2 weeks for graduate students.
Step 3 Admission Notice We would send out admission letter and JW202 about a week after the documents verification. Please confirm your address with Wuhan University.

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