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2018 Bachelor Programs

School of International Education: Chinese Language, Business Chinese.
College of Chinese Language and Literature: Humanities, Chinese Linguistics and Literature, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.
School of History: History, World History, Archaeology
School of Philosophy: Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Religious Studies, Psychology.
Department of Arts: Performance, Literature on Drama and Films. 
School of Foreign Languages and Literature: English Language, Russian Language, German Language, French Language, Japanese Language, Translation Studies.
School of Journalism and Communication: Journalism, Communication(Chinese Medium/English Medium), Radio and Television Science, Advertising, Art of Broadcasting and Anchoring.
School of Information Management: Library Science, Information Management and System, Archival Science, Editing and Publishing Science, Electronic Commerce(Chinese Medium/English Medium), Digital Publishing Science.
Economics and Management School(Chinese Medium/English Medium): Econimcs (Ecomomics, International Economy and Trade, Finance, Insurance), Management (Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management).
School of Law: Law.
Department of Sociology: Sociology, Social Work.
School of Political Science and Public Administration: Political Science and Public Administration, Diplomacy, Public Administration, Public Utilities Management, Labor and Social Security.
School of Marxism: Ideological and Political Education.
School of Mathematics and Statistics: Mathematics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, Statistics.
School of Physics and Technology: Physics, Materials Science and Technology, Electronic Science and Technology, Microelectronics Science and Engineering.
College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences: Chemistry, Applied Chemistry.
College of Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Biological Science, Ecology. 
School of Resources and Environmental Science: Geographical Science, Geographical Information Science, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Land Resources Management, Natural Geography and Resource Environment, Human Geography and Urban-Rural Planning.
School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering: Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Port, Coastal and River Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering.
School of Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering and Automation.
School of Power and Mechanical Engineering: Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology, Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation, Automation, Water Quality and Technology, Metallic Materials Engineering, Material Processing and Controlling, Energy and Power Engineering.
School of Urban Design: Architecture (5 years), City Planning (5 years), Product Design, Environment Design.
School of Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Water Supply and Sewage Engineering.
School of Computer Science: Computer Science and Technology, Information Security, The Internet of Things Engineering.
School of Electronic Information: Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Radio Wave Propagation and Antenna, Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering, Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument.
School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering: Remote Sensing Science and Technology, Geographic Monitoring
School of Geodesy and Geomatics: Geophysics, Surveying and Mapping Engineering, Navigation Engineering.
International School of Software: Software Engineering(Chinese Medium/English Medium), Spatial Information and Digital Technology, Internet of Things Engineering.
School of Printing and Packaging: Packaging Engineering, Printing Engineering.
College of MedicineClinical Medicine(Chinese Medium:5 years; English Medium:6 years), Stomatology (5 years) ,Medical Examination(5 years), Preventive Medicine, Nursing, Biopharmaceutical Science, Global Health Study. 
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmacy.