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What Our Students Say

Beltran Castro Angel Ignacio

2011 IMBA

The School and its I MBA program has widen my knowledge of the world and give me tools to contribute to my country's future, as well to contribute to China’s future with my experiences and culture. In this class, I've learned lifetime lessons from professors and classmates, I've made friends and I'm currently living a great experience that I will remember forever.

LIU Ling

2011 IMBA
Associate Chairman of MBA Student Union
I feel that Wuhan university IMBA program is really challenging and charming. IMBA expand your vision and improve English quite efficiently, at the same time, training you deal with multiple issue in a global way. Thinking outside of the box, we always try it! Start here, make a difference!

Ravakiniaina Hubert Nadia

2012 IMBA
To be in Wuhan University is about to be part of a well-maintained, successful, high quality education, progress and ambition hence its merits. Thus, it already gives me the insight of tomorrow’s successes and increases my desire to constantly raise the bar proudly.

Student Experience

I Love WHU,I love Wuhan and I Love China

By Luo Xiuxiu from Belorussia

After having finished my senior school in 2007, I decided to go to China and Learn Chinese language. Now China and Belorussia get along with each other very well, and I have been always interested in the profound Chinese culture. I made Wuhan, a beautiful city in China to be my choice, and I chose her best university——Wuhan University. Wuhan University has very large campus and it is beautiful university with various schools and departments. There are about 2,000 international students here. I knew nobody when I came to this University alone. Now, however, I have many friends from diffierenct countries. We introduce our mother lands each other, share learning experience, and have a good time together. The local Chinese students are enthusiastic and they are always ready to help. We help each other, learn Chinese and English. I appreciated my fellow teachers very much, their classes are very interesting. They teach us Chinese languge, and also help these students coming from all the year round learn Chinese culture and custom. So far I have been living in China for only two months, but I am so sure to say I love Wuhan University, I love Wuhan, and I love China

Wuhan University, my second home

By Ruan Xuanmei from Vietnam

My first impression about China comes from my mother school Wuhan University, I keep it as my second in my mind.
I like the international student dorm where I have all my friendship. The international students of different countrires and colors make a new family in Wuhan university. We share the passion of wolrd cup, the cool of the Water Sprinking Festival and the sweetness of Christmas. We help each other , care about each other, we are firends and also bothers and sisters.
I like the beatiful campus with distinct seasons. H ere I can see sakura in Spring, cinnamon in Summer, maple leaves in Autumn and wintersweet in Winter. The beatiful secnery in Wuhan University introuduces me the beauty of Chinese mountains and rivers
I like the delecious food near Wuhan University, the yummy Jingwu duck neck, Chewy Hot-dry noodle, minces Toufu hua and strong taste spicy soup. Wuhan University is where I tasted all the delecious Chinese food.   
Gernerally speaking, during my five years in Wuhan University , I fall in love with China and everything here. I wish my mohter school is beatiful forever, and wishChina prosperity